Have You Put Aside Enough for Closing Costs?

As a prospective homebuyer, you have scrimped, saved and sacrificed to have a good down payment on your home. After a few rough years you are ready to buy your first home, or if you have already purchased a home you are ready to move into the home that better fits your needs. After making your list and checking it twice you find out there… Read More

Ready to Make an Offer?

You have searched and evaluated and listed the pros and cons. You finally found the house you are ready to call home. You have saved money, been pre-approved and are ready to make that offer. Here are some tips to make the offer that is right for you and will get you into your new home.

3 Important Indicators to Invest in Real Estate

One the worst collapses in American history was the 2007 housing market, it made many wonder if our homes would ever come back to true market value. The crash of 2007 made us doubt if real estate was a good investment. Well, below we see 3 signs why right now you should invest in real estate. Low Interest Rates: The 30 year mortgage rate is… Read More

6 Important Things to Consider Before Making the First Offer

  You’ve been to 3 or 4 open houses. After much debate about which property you liked and why, it is time to make the first offer on the property! How do you know what to offer? Should you ask for closing costs? What about getting pre-approved? Those are some of the things you should consider and we’ve listed out a couple more below. Remember… Read More

6 Very Costly Errors by For Sale By Owner

Sellers who try FSBO or For Sale by Owner typically do it for a of couple reasons. It could be to avoid commission fees, or they feel like they don’t need a professional to sell their home. For whatever the reason might be, we see mistakes happen all the time. In the worse cases, the mistakes happen before the house makes it to the market…. Read More

Buying a Home with Little or No Down Payment

Are you struggling between renting an apartment and wanting to buy a home but you are not able to afford a down payment? The “Iconic American Dream” has always been to own a house with a white picket fence and three kids. But if you are wanting to own a home and do not have the down payment, the costs can be very stressful. The… Read More

Can I Purchase a Home if I Have a Low Income?

  Are you looking to buy a home but you’re being held back by your income? Luckily, there are several options for you to make your home buying dream come true. There are plenty of home-buying programs for those with a low income, and you just need to know the right places to look. Remember, your monthly mortgage payment will depend on your monthly income… Read More

4 Easy Tips to Keeping Your House Clean

Do you ever find yourself struggling to keep the house clean from day to day ? It can be hard to stay on top of cleaning your house when there are so many other daily things needing to be done.  Here are a few quick tips to save you time on cleaning. Tip #1: Spend 5 minutes in each room: Knock out simple daily cleaning chores… Read More

5 Key Steps You Need To Know Before Buying Your Home

Whether it’s your first home or your fifth home, you can never be too prepared. Before you rush into purchasing a home there are some essential things to know to ensure you make a smart investment. We’ve been through thousands of transactions and have seen both the good and the ugly side of them.

4 (Eggtastic) Super Easy DIY Easter Decorating Ideas

Make Easter a holiday that gets the whole family involved with decorating the house! Here is EGGxactly what to do… (no pun intended). 1. Create an Easter Wreath Step 1: Buy twig strands; small wreath and large wreath ( or make your own from twig strangs) Step 2: Buy pink, green, or yellow ribbon Step 3: Use zip ties to connect the two wreaths (… Read More